Examination of secondary/intermediate level in Punjab Examination is conducted by BISE Mirpur. No student can take examinations without registration with an educational board.
Registration of a regular student for appearing in the examination will be the responsibility of concerned school/college.
A private student will have to approach personally to the controller of examination concerned to deposit admission fee and registration fee. The board will issue a card to the student showing his registration number.
Registration number is allotted to the student when he reaches secondary/intermediate level of education.
Registration number allotted at secondary level will not be valid at intermediate level and thereafter.

Admission in Colleges
Admission in Government Colleges for F.A/F.Sc shall commence immediately after the declaration of Secondary School Certificate results.
Admission of a candidate, who passes the Secondary School Certificate examination or whose result is declared after the publication of result gazette of Secondary School Certificate Annual or Supplementary examination, will be made by the head of institution within the number of days declared by the head of institute for admission application.
A candidate, who appears in Secondary Certificate examination as a private student is eligible to seek admission in Government Colleges for F.A / F.Sc in same group or subjects, in such cases registration number allocated in private discipline would be valid in regular capacity.
Admission in class XI/XII on transfer basis from board to board or college to college will be made within 45 days of the withdrawal from previous Institution, subject to determination of eligibility by the board. Foreign, Nationals or Pakistanis who have studied under British /American or similar system of education and have obtained equivalent certificates of Higher Secondary School Certificate may seek admission at F.A / F.Sc but shall have to get certificates attested by BISE and apply for Equivalence of certificates.

The Prescribed application forms are available at the stalls in the courts. In districts, the application would be submitted to Protocol Officer, District Court (city) concerned. Fee of Rs. 200 will be deposited with National Bank of Pakistan or State Bank of Pakistan, for issue of Domicile. Following documents are required

4 copies of passport size photographs
NOC from the departments (in case of government servants)
One copy of National Identity Card Copy of Allotment/Registration of the House Voters list showing name of the applicant
Form-B from NADRA (in case of Children)

Leave application on prescribed along with written application showing the purpose of the leave submitted through proper channel.
Leave title issued by the AG/DAO Concerned
Surety Bound as per new format on stamp paper worth Rs. 100/- pay on demand a sum of Rs. 50,000/-
Affidavit as per new format/content on stamp paper worth Rs. 20/-
Copy of CNIC
No Demand certificate by the concerned principal
No Pending Enquiry certificate by the concerned principal
New Security clearance proforma containing photograph and detailed particulars duly attested by principal.
Written Application
Copy of M.Phil. /Ph.D. degree/ Notification duly verified (in original) from the concerned university.
Covering letter regarding verification of degree/Notification (in original) from the concerned University.
Last computerized pay slip
NOC/Departmental permission issued by the competent authority along with clarification/justification from the applicant that how he/she acquired his/her Ph.D. / M.Phil. Study i.e. by obtaining study leave or without study leave. In case, if he/she acquired higher study without obtaining study leave, then how he/she managed his/her classes in the college where he/she was posted, and at the same time at university where he/she got admission.
Written application
Face sheet describing the particulars of applicant duly attested by the principal concerned
Copy of advertisement including closing date
NOC of the Principal
No Enquiry/ No demand certificate etc.
Sparability certificate issued by the principal indicating the alternate arrangement in case NOC is granted
Written application through proper channel
Face sheet describing status of officer (Adhoc/Contract/Regular), Previous bond, Undertaking etc.
No Demand certificate from the concerned principal
No Pending enquiry certificate from the concerned principal
Copy of advertisement in newspaper
NOC of the Principal
Performa for appointment (outside Education Department)
Written application through proper channel
Leave title issued by AG/DAO concerned
Copy of CNIC
Medical certificate issued by the Medical officer of Govt. Hospital/Dispensary or Countersigned by MS, if issued by the private practitioner.
Written application of the applicant through proper channel
Copy of first appointment letter and joining report
Copy of pay slip duly attested by the principal concerned/DD(C)
Copy of Nikahnama/Divorce duly attested by the principal concerned/DD(C)
Copy of CNIC both the applicant/husband duly attested by the principal concerned/DD(C)
Three sets required
Photographs 2 front & back attested
Photocopy of CNIC (2x)
Pension application on form-6 (pen) (1x)
Application for commutation form-6 (Pen) (1x)
No Demand Certificate of Building Department 1x)
No Demand Certificate of Income tax (1x)
No Demand Certificate of Education department (with No. & Date)(1x)
No Enquiry Certificate (with No. & Date)(1x)
No Audit/ Advance para certificate (with No. & Date) (1x)
Specimen Signature along with thumbs & figures impressions (1x)
List of family Member (including retiree name) (1x)
Undertaking Affidavit regarding recovery of Over-payment if any (1x)
Declaration/ Non-receipt of Anticipatory Pension Certificate (1x)
Copy of Matriculation Certificate (1x)
Last Pay certificate/ Pay Slip (1x)
Option for commutation (1x)
Retirement/Death Notification (1x)
Nomination for Drawl of Pension (1x)
No DDO Ship/ DDO Ship certificate (with No. & Date) (1x)
Affidavit on stamp paper (Rs.100/-)(Original 2x)
Service statement countersigned by the AG/DAO (Original 2x)
Note: All attestation must be by concerned principal with name and by the respective Dy. Director (C) with name only. Attestation of any other person in invalid on pension papers In case of retire is principal, the pension case should be signed by the vice/Incharge principal with complete name and designation not by retiree.
Original application of Widow/widower
Affidavit on stamp paper of Rs. 20/-
Copy of Nikah Nama
Copy of Death certificate
Copy of CNIC of both the widow/widower and the deceased govt employee
NO enquiry/No demand certificate by the principal/ concerned officer
Death during service certificate issued by the concerned officer/Principal
No marriage certificate by the widow/widower
Note: In case the widow expired or legal heir, the succession certificate is required.
Written application through proper channel
Leave title issued by the AG/DAO concerned
No Demand certificated from the concerned principal
No Enquiry certificate from the concerned principal
Copy of CNIC
Last computerized pay slip
Retirement Notification