Dr. Khawaja Abdul Rehman

It is indeed a matter of honor that I have been assigned charge of the Department of Higher Education Colleges which has been tasked of imparting education at tertiary level in 174 colleges of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. As a Director Public Instructions of the Department, I am committed to bringing about reforms with long lasting impact in the Department.

Dedicated team work of honest and spirited professionals from both the Administration and the Faculty is key in clinching this achievement and as a key person in the Department, the responsibility lies on my shoulder to promote liaison and harmony between the Faculty and the Administration so our colleges may find niche in the top ranking educational institutions of the country.

In the present world use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) has gained paramount importance in all fields of life including education. I am planning to promote the use of ICT and go paperless. The digitization and use of ICT will not only save resources but also enabled efficient communication and collaboration among academic and administrative staff. This website is first step in this regard.

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