Research Paper:

Fuzzy soft set approach to ideal theory of regular AG-groupoids

This paper aims to apply fuzzy sets and soft sets in combination to investigate algebraic properties of regular AG-groupoids. We initiate (∈γ, ∈γ Vqδ)-fuzzy soft left ideals (right ideals, biideals and quasiideals) over AG-groupoids and explore some related properties. Moreover, we give a number of characterizations for regular AG-groupoids by virtue of various types of fuzzy soft ideals over them. Read More

Author : Professor Nadeem Ajaib (Degree College Sehnsa Distt. Kotli Azad Kashmir )

Our Priorities:

  • Make HED as citizen centric Organization
  • Assure prompt Capacity Building/ Provision of Missing Facilities in institutions.
  • Revise and Reform the Educational Curriculum as E-text
  • Faculty Development Programme
  • Train and Develop the Professionals/ Faculty who work with students.

Our Vision:

The vision of Higher Education is to promote development of an enlightened and prospering Punjab by reinforcing knowledge economy along with a focus on equitable and quality learning. The realization of the higher education department’s vision of “enlightened and prospering Punjab by reinforcing knowledge economy” rests on the shift from access to quality which is evident from the key initiatives it has taken in recent past.

Improve Quality of Higher Education:

  • Increase number of skilled faculty
  • Enhance quality of assessment system
  • Increase market relevance of higher education programs