About Higher Education Department

Department of education is committed to provide access and quality education to the students at all levels with special emphasis on quality education, accessibility to all young generation, using modern pedagogy, updating subject contents and teaching of such subjects which are demanded by growing global market. The mission of the Education Department is to produce highly educated and skilled upcoming manpower to meet the global challenges by ensuring easy accessible quality education.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir has limited economic resources with small land holdings and weak base for industrial activities. Human Resource Development (HRD) is the only field where emphasis could be for income generation and livelihood initiatives. Improving Quality education and market oriented skills are the fields by which we can educate and train the younger generation for market oriented jobs. These educated and trained Human Resources can get jobs within the country and also overseas. This may need multifaceted initiatives envisaged to:

  • Improve the quality of education.
  • Fill the resource gaps for education department for administrative and teaching.
  • Take ‘sustainable steps’ for training of educational managers and teaching staff.
  • Maximize participation rate and minimize dropout rate.
  • To improve the HEMIS in AJ&K.
  • Establish an effective system of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).
  • Ensure better Teaching-learning Environment.
  • Increase community participation for sustainable educational development.
  • Adopt a standard system of teaching assessment and monitoring.
  • Create an environment for massive shift from general education to purposeful orientated in economics, science, vocational, IT and business related education.